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Comeback Show January 25 at Rock Shop! 

You may have noticed some attempts at rebranding around here and our other sites... we are officially dropping the "Haley Bowery" and becoming simply "The Manimals". The change really reflects how we've grown as a band- from a girl with some backup dudes, to a real collaborative entity. The Manimals- Haley, Matt, Brian, and newest addition Michael Jayne Walker- are a family now, and our new name expresses that.

Now that we have that out of the way- we've got a big show coming up on Saturday, January 25!
SADfest 2014 will be a shining oasis of ridiculousness and joy in the middle of this heinous, depressing winter... at one of our favorite spots, The Rock Shop in Brooklyn. Also starring hannah vs. the many, J and the 9s, and The LoveHowl. All female-fronted, all badass. And a good excuse to post this wedding pic of Hannah and Haley.

Rock Shop
249 4th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

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"Born Strange" featured on new Cameo app for iPhone! 

We're psyched to tell you about the new iPhone app Cameo, that lets you make artsy-cool videos and soundtrack them using their library of great indie tunes- among them, "Born Strange"! This weekend, cut together a gritty two-minute take of your debauchery and score it with some Manimals. It's FREE, plus it has all the sharing/liking/attention-whore properties of your favorite social media apps. Thanks, Cameo!

A Break from Shows While We Get Married. 

The Manimals will be going on a teensy show hiatus while Haley (vox) and Matt (bass) get married to each other. Stay tuned, though... we may still have an appearance at a party here and there, and maybe some new recordings in the near future. We'll be back in full force in January!!


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